Speakers 2018

Speakers 2018

Alan Kohler

Alan Kohler | Financial Journalist | Australia

W. Scott Stornetta, Ph.D.

Co-Inventor of Blockchain | USA

Michael Casey

Senior Advisor MIT Media Lab | Advisory Board Chairman Coindesk | Australia

Marc Fisher

Hedge Fund Manager | England

Lasanka Perera

Co-Founder | Independent Reserve | Australia

Emma Poposka

Co-Founder, Director & Business Tech | BRONTECH | Australia

Nick Addison

Solution Architect | ConsenSys | Australia

Deryck Graham

Chairman | First Digital Capital | Australia

Michael Bacina

Partner | Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Group | Piper Alderman Lawyers | Australia

Nils Veenstra

Co-Founder | BECON | Holland

Justyna Sniady

CCO at BEYOND | Australia

Justin Dombrowski

Justin Dombrowski | CEO of Soho | USA

Daniel Weinberg

CEO | Kenetic | Hong Kong

Kevin O’Hara

Group CIO | Tulla Private Equity Group | Australia

Simon Owen

Group General Counsel | First Digital Capital

Campbell Woskett

Founder | Charitex ECO | Australia

Pascal Haider

COO | RIX Group | Austria

Andy Zondervan

CEO and Co-Founder | RightShare (Netherlands)

Gennady Volchek

CEO | Shping | Australia

Maxim Morozov

Key Account Manager and Investor Relations | System Bit Consulting | Russian Federation

Quirze Salomo

Owner, Nostrum (Spain)